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Cybecs is a prominent training provider in the region and the most trustworthy source of information security training. For the past 18+ years, we've been delivering information security consulting services. Our focus on high-quality training offers our clients and students an advantage in their respective fields, allowing them to progress quickly and professionally.

Over the years, we've planned and conducted hundreds of trainings, seminars, and workshops, as well as spoken at numerous information security conferences. We are great believers in the exchange of information and routinely affiliate ourselves with active security communities.

For many years, we have an established track record of providing great training to both people and corporations.

Government, military, intelligence, banking, telecommunications, energy, education, consulting, and other renowned businesses are among our frequent clientele. Our work speaks for itself, and our clients are the best proof of our training's effectiveness. We recognize the value of your time and provide flexible training options to meet your needs.

We are now offering the following courses for corporate clients or people in groups on the client's site.

  • Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification (CISSP)

  • Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking 

  • Digital Forensic Analysis and Evidence Gathering 

  • Implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS/ISO27001) 

  • Cyber Security Risk Management

  • Incident Response 

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

We hold training sessions on a regular basis that address many aspects of information security.


  • Staff Security Awareness Training

  • Staff Privacy Awareness Training

  • Anti-Phishing Training

  • Data Protection Officer Awareness Training


Several advancements on the technology front help keep an organization’s data and processes secure.

These include firewalls, endpoint security, and threat protection tools. However, the human factor remains one of the weakest points in cybersecurity.

Malware and phishing attacks often have humans as their victims.

A staff security awareness training program aims to achieve the following

  • Threats that the organization faces on a daily basis.

  • ​Identification of a threat and how it could affect the organization.

  • How to avoid falling as a victim to threats.

  • How to report such attacks.

The effectiveness of such staff training is essential for the long-term success of your organization.
We help develop a staff security awareness training strategy for your company.

Our training solutions help your organization in the following ways

  • Deploy security training as soon as staff joins – Security should be well embedded into the company’s culture. New staff should be apprised of the same and be expected to start learning about it from the first day.

  • Monitor threats landscape – As a responsible security training awareness vendor, we continuously monitor the security threat landscape. We will update the training programs with the latest scam details, modus operandi, and how staff can learn to avoid them.

  • Practice to refresh memory – Getting staff to revisit training programs helps them stay on top of security practices. It also exposes them to the latest deceptions and attacks, thereby building a habit of encountering threats as and when they confront them.

Keep an engaging training to sustain staff interest. We organize several training supplements like live presentations, posters, handouts, email phishing simulations, webinars, etc. Staff security awareness training is essential for your business. As the global security threat landscape continues to evolve, such training helps in reducing helpdesk costs, avoid reputation loss and bolster overall security. Our easy-to-implement training program can help reducing the security breaches.

We provide your staff with the relevant information on security and compliance topics that are useful while conducting their daily activities securely.


Privacy training for staff lays the foundation for robust organization-wide security. As staff realize the importance of privacy, they help build a culture of IT security and privacy compliance throughout the organization. Our specialized training covers principles of privacy and more importantly, in terms of information security awareness. The interactive course is designed for easy understanding for all employees – skilled and unskilled. The privacy basics are universal to all and make a solid foundation for privacy principles and best practices. We present realistic training scenarios where staff is allowed to make decisions freely.

Once the results are assessed, proper training is done to focus on shortcomings. The course is relevant to learner staff from all the departments and levels of the organization.

The main objectives of the staff privacy awareness training are


  • Develop an understanding of privacy and its importance at the individual and organization level.

  • Know the types of information and how they can be protected.

  • Establish privacy responsibilities for each individual and acknowledge to uphold the same.

  • Knowledge of basic privacy principles and practices.

  • Procedures to keep personal information safe.

  • How to identify privacy breaches and promptly report the same to the relevant authority.

Interactive learning environment

Our training focuses on providing an interactive learning environment for staff. As staff becomes comfortable by asking questions, their learning ability is enhanced manifold. Realistic scenarios are simulated to present the importance of privacy and how breaches can be salvaged by following safety protocols.

Our endeavor to present case scenarios in a creative and stimulating manner helps employees gain perspectives quickly so they can stay aware while performing their day-to-day responsibilities. Such training help lower the impact of information security breaches for your company. It also ensures the protection of the privacy of stakeholders and clients.

Integrated assessments help reinforce staff’s learning and improve their comprehension of concepts. Hence, staff privacy awareness training sets out to help employees understand the importance of privacy, IT security, and data protection.


A good training aims at altering user behavior and reducing the issue at hand. Anti-phishing training is intended to train humans against breaches that are initiated through a successful phishing attack. Such attacks do not target technical vulnerabilities. Instead, they focus on humans as a weak link in the security chain. As per Verizon’s 2019 data breach report, more than 90% of breaches originate from email attachments and links. It also highlighted that mobile devices are more susceptible to attacks because of small screen size and distracting use. The average cost of a data breach can quickly rise up to millions of dollars. E-mail security is a primary mode of communication for both personal and professional matters and is the target of most phishing attacks.
We help companies design and impart anti-phishing training to their employees. These pieces of training need to be effective and sustainable as they enlighten employees of the risks of clicking unsolicited links in their inboxes. Phishing emails are designed to look like they originated from legitimate websites and mimic their style and language. Once the user is convinced about their legitimacy, they are enticed to provide their personal information. Such phished data is a collection of stolen credentials and personal info. It is deployed to get access to the company’s internal documents and steal employee records.
Despite technological advancements, including anti-phishing filters and tools, anti-phishing is still a human-dominated domain. A Company’s anti-phishing efforts are only as good as how its employees react to such emails. There is a need to drive a culture of phishing awareness within the company.

The employees should be able to identify

  • ​Relevant email sources.

  • Illegitimate email format.

  • Fake invoice.

  • Claims of government refund.

  • Links that ask to fill account details.

In addition to the items above, employees should be trained to correctly report probable phishing attacks to the relevant risk department. This helps the organization develop robust protection against attacks and thereby similar attacks on other employees.


To have a Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a statutory requirement as per the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as the Data Protection Act 2018. A DPO is an officer who is approachable to other staff for guidance and advice pertaining to protecting data for the organization. The officer also ensures an overall data protection compliance program for the organization.
The role of a Data Protection Officer requires knowledge of privacy law, GDPR articles, and other regulatory information. As privacy regulations keep evolving, DPO is critical for the company to comply with the latest rules. Data privacy regulations evolve rapidly around the globe. Hence reporting duties about data leaks have grown manifold.
The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has a complex framework. Therefore it requires organizations to actively and effectively comply with the guidelines. DPO has responsibilities of advising, supervising as well as the implementation of regulatory requirements. The DPO also has to bring awareness among the organization's employees regarding potential data vulnerabilities and has to train the staff regularly to ensure compliance.
The officer also has to make sure that the staff is aware of the upkeep of personal data to avoid breaches. Training is a rigorous responsibility that DPO has to continuously perform to prevent intrusions on the organization and employee’s data.

As the staff performs their duties, DPO ensures that they ensure data protection compliance for every action the staff takes. DPO is, in a way, setting up a culture within the organization through formal training on mitigation of cybersecurity risks. DPO acts as a point of contact for issues related to data protection queries and support there of Through our up to date training methodology, 


we ensure that DPOs can establish an ideal working ecosystem within the company where

  • Both top management and staff engage with their duties in compliance with training offered by their DPO.

  • Passwords used are changed regularly and are not easily breakable.

  • Staff understand the importance of cybersecurity, personal and corporate data.

  • Staff understand the relevance of GDPR and allied rules in the connected world.

  • Staff are careful in avoiding phishing emails and promptly report the same to bolster the company’s cybersecurity efforts.


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