Mirroring companies’ atomized departments and diverging agendas, cyber-Security companies may have different divisions such as program development or technological solutions. Furthermore, technological developers often do not interact with customers. As a result, technological developers are inexperienced as to what are easy or difficult solutions to implement.

Cybecs’s unique approach combining risk-assessment and technological expertise engages with different levels of the company simultaneously to streamline client needs and offer end to end solutions. By organically engaging the CEO and technological department simultaneously, Cybecs offers unique solutions that is tailored and aligned with the organizational structure. At Cybecs, we have the benefit of applying expertise of designing strategies, creating programs, and implementing technology. These solutions are aligned with client requirements and made easy to implement.

Cybecs Risk Assessment provides the classes of vulnerabilities causing risk to the organization environment. This allows organizations to begin to address issues earlier in your enterprise lifecycle. Instead of fixing vulnerabilities one at a time, in response to threats or attacks, but addressing the root causes of issues, both saving time and reducing risk.