What is a Security Operations Center (SOC)?

Security Operations Center (SOC) is a team of IT security professionals that monitors an organization’s entire IT infrastructure, 24/7. 

What is tier 1-3 in SOC? 

  • Tier 1 SOC analysts are examining the system.

  • Tier 2 SOC analysts are analyzing the information gathered from Tier 1.

  • Tier 3 SOC analysts are the most professional.

SOC as a Service

Businesses are facing new security problems as a result of the development of cloud based services.
Many companies lack the resources necessary to establish high levels of security.

By outsourcing SIEM SOC services to Cybecs, the company's expertise and talents may be leveraged to directly and efficiently handle cyber risks.

By merging cutting-edge technology with actual human intuition, Cybecs' trusted, regulated SIEM SOC provides accurate, practical suggestions to keep your data secure.

Our Managed SIEM SOC-as-a-Service is excellent for companies looking for a complete picture of what's going on in their network, both on-premise and in the cloud, so they can respond quickly to any threats.

Benefits of SOC

SOC is one of the first lines of protection against attacks and breaches is the security operations centre.

  • SOC's threat hunting and analysis assist to prevent assaults from happening in the first place.

  • SOCs give organizations more visibility and control over their security systems, helping them to stay ahead of possible attackers and threats.

SIEM SOC teams can see the real risks to their network and systems using Cybecs SIEM SOC, rather than wasting time and resources chasing false positives.

Cybecs SIEM SOC helps SOC analysts focus on the actual risks to the organization and respond quickly to reduce the cost and damage caused by a cyber-attack.

In the field of cyber security, SIEM and SOC are critical ideas. SIEM makes use of the security operations center's fundamental technologies (SOC).

At Cybecs SOC's core component is SIEM software, which performs round-the-clock network monitoring and addresses possible threats to sensitive data, computer systems, and an organization's other digital resources.

  • The SIEM server is referred to as a log data management platform.

  • SIEM includes collecting and keeping data in order to allow data analysis and storage in the future.

  • SIEM is more of a product than a service.

  • A firm must adopt a SIEM Process to increase threat detection and rapidly secure its network.

What is a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)?

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a software solution aggregating and analyzing activity from many different resources across your entire IT infrastructure.


For SIEM and analytics, Security Operation Center-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) provides a customized service strategy. The service gives access to qualified experts and supports major security products. It also has an established delivery methodology. It improves visibility into your environment by expediting incident escalation alerts and offering proactive risk modelling and mitigation help. SOCaaS helps you get the most out of your security technology investments by allowing you to achieve your desired security posture.
The key nerve center for your organization's cybersecurity activities and processes is the security operations center. It's staffed by cybersecurity professionals and analysts that seek for flaws in your systems, assess threats, and work to improve the security of your systems and operations on a constant basis. Enterprise SOC teams seek to safeguard their firms from being affected whenever security specialists notice new malware variants, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) assaults, or crippling ransomware trends in the wild. The effectiveness of your company's security operations center (SOC) might be the difference between effectively stopping a cyber-attack and allowing thieves to impair your operations.

Next-Generation Cyber Defense Center

The need for security has never been greater as rising threats are matched by the exponential growth of technological advancements and ever-evolving business structures, rendering the majority of security detection solutions ineffective.

This has led Cybecs to provide unique Next-Generation Cyber Defense Center that rely on the human factor and holistically enhances cyber protection and proactively bolsters resilience. 

Our Vision – Your Reality 

  • Incident Response - Staffed 24/7/365 by experienced security experts and analysts to provide immediate response and mitigation.

  • Advanced Training - Robust progression plan with advanced certification to retain and develop our dedicated team to support your security needs.

  • Proactive Intelligence - Using the best tools for Event Management , Continuous Vulnerability Assessment and Threat Intelligence to detect malicious activity.

  • Uplevel your Security - We understand that your security challenges are difficult and complex – let us help you uplevel your security pushing your business forward.

Proof of Concept

  • Auditing commands run by a user

  • Amazon AWS infrastructure monitoring

  • Detecting a brute-force attack

  • Monitoring Docker

  • File integrity monitoring

  • Blocking a malicious actor

  • Detecting unauthorized processes

  • Osquery integration

  • Network IDS integration

  • Detecting a Shellshock attack

  • Detecting an SQL Injection attack

  • Slack integration

  • Detecting suspicious binaries

  • Detecting and removing malware using VirusTotal integration

  • Vulnerability Detector

  • Detecting malware using Yara integration

Cloud security

  • monitor AWS

  • monitor Microsoft Azure

  • monitor GitHub

  • monitor GCP services

  • monitor Office 365



  • GDPR




Cybecs as a SOCaaS



Rethink how you see your assets and devices. Cybecs integrates with your technology stack to provide real-time detection and reporting as well as 24/7 monitoringAutomatically track and report on user behaviors. You don't have to worry about locating and safeguarding your network assets since our staff does it for you. Real-time review of complete alert logs our staff categories warnings based on their severity, so you can always know how your network is doing.  


Simplify the investigation of security incidents. We simplify the time-consuming and complicated work of event analysis into a ready-to-use service. Stay safe from the most recent attacks and vulnerabilities. In real time, we update our threat database with the most recent information. Take advantage of comprehensive threat detection and analysis without jeopardizing your IT team's productivity.


Draw conclusions from in-depth examinations of security incidents and infractions. Allow us to identify the source of the problem and design tailored procedures to close the gaps in your securityMake our group a natural extension of your own. Rely on security professionals for assistance with cleanup, recovery, and business continuity. Create and implement strong cybersecurity regulations for your most susceptible processes.

Why us

Make an appointment with one of our security specialists to see how Cybecs controlled detection and response capabilities may benefit you. Transform security operations from expenses to value-generating assets with Cybecs SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) team.


Continuous Monitoring (CM), also known as Continuous Control Monitoring (CCM), is an automated method for observation and detection of compliance issues and security concerns at each step. Continuous Monitoring aids IT businesses, particularly Cybecs teams, in obtaining real-time data from public and hybrid settings. This is especially useful when it comes to putting in place and strengthening different security procedures, such as incident response, threat assessment, computer and database forensics, and root cause analysis. It also aids in providing broad feedback on the IT setup's overall health, including remote networks and installed applications.

the purpose of Continuous Monitoring

Improve the visibility and openness of IT and network operations, particularly those who might lead to a security breach, and respond with a well-timed alarm system.

Assist in monitoring software operations, particularly performance concerns, identifying the error source, and implementing appropriate remedies prior to major downtime and revenue loss.
Assist in tracking user activity, particularly after a site or app upgrade has been sent to production. This determines whether the update improves, degrades, or has no effect on the user experience.

Benefits of Continuous Monitoring


  • Improved Network Visibility and Transparency: CM provides Cybecs Consultant teams a clear picture of their IT infrastructure condition by automatically collecting and analyzing data to reflect potential outages and significant patterns.

  • Facilitates Prompt Responses: One of the most important aspects of CM is the implementation of an alert system notifying the appropriate personnel as soon as an IT problem occurs. This allows a quick reaction to security risks or functional stopgaps, limiting harm and allowing for quicker system restoration to optimal levels of functioning.

  • Minimizes System Downtime: By running the alert in case of a service outage or any application performance difficulties, consistent and rapid system monitoring, essential warnings assist sustain system uptime.​

  • Assists with healthy business performance: Reducing system downtime also reduces the negative impact on customer experience, protecting the company from income or reputation losses. As previously indicated, Continuous Monitoring solutions may be used to track user reactions to software upgrades, which is beneficial to a variety of departments, including development, QA, sales, marketing, and customer care.

Best Practices of Continuous Monitoring

Choose your most important assets: Different parts of an organization's IT landscape must be monitored. The targets are primarily divided into the following categories:

  • The health and state of the server

  • Performance log for the application

  • Vulnerabilities in the system

  • Milestones in development

  • Activity and/or Behavior of Users

Security Events

security events.png
security events 1.png


Vulnerabilities 1.png

Why us

The cloud-native platform from Cybecs is an excellent continuous monitoring solution for IT businesses looking to improve the security and operational performance of their cloud-based IT infrastructure and apps. Contact Us

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