If you're a business owner or manager worried about the safety of your employees, buildings, or equipment, we can help.

The purpose of Cybecs Security Solutions Surveys is to identify issue areas. Our objective is to assess your present security measures and determine whether they are feasible and practicable. In addition, our analysis may contain some recommendations for reducing vulnerabilities while improving people and property safety.

What to expect during security surveys

Could you please give us an idea of what to expect from your regular Security Surveys? Without a doubt. To begin, you should be aware that a full assessment might take a long time. Collaboration between your management team and our personnel is also critical because we are working toward the same goal. In order to effectively do our job, Cybecs will require specific information from you. This requires deciding on the survey's scope as well as a completion schedule. We also need to know who in your organization has the authority to implement our findings after they've been completed. Here are a few more examples of what you should expect:

  • Identify the company's strategy, goals, and processes.

  • Gather information on the facility, such as its borders and current systems.

  • Conduct a review of current security rules and procedures.

  • Examine any written incident reports from the last few years.

  • Determine the appropriate level of asset protection.

  • Determine the existing level of security in place.

  • Identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

  • Visit the site at various times of the day and night.

  • Make recommendations; and much more...

Why Us

If you're reading this, you already know how important these services are. As a business owner, manager, or risk manager, these security assessments may protect you against a variety of risks, including lack of preparation, carelessness, insurance and other claims, and obsolete security measures, to mention a few. These polls also suggest that management is concerned about these challenges and is taking proactive steps to preserve its most valuable assets, "people and property." Please contact us right away.

Here are some of our Security assessments

  • Supply Chain Risk Assessment

  • High Value Asset Assessment

  • Cyber Security Assessment and Management (CASM)

  • Compliance and Integrity Assessment

  • Compliance and Integrity Assessment

  • Tailored Risk Assessment

  • Assessment of Cloud Environments

  • Third Party Assessment Organization (3PAO)


Supply chains have improved tracking and visibility for the items traveling through them. The number of IoT devices used across the world has already crossed 23 Billion in 2020. Visibility in supply chains provides a view of the overall supply chain and enables stakeholders to take suitable actions. As supply chains continue to expand, the focus on productivity and lower costs is a constant endeavor. Disintegration and complexity have been two of the main challenges with the expansion of chains. The need to identify risks in supply chain operations is more critical than ever before. Depending on the organization’s place within the supply chain, the risks and impacts vary. These could be the injury, dangers, damage or loss, or any other undesirable outcomes.

We work closely to identify the sources of risk

  • Supply Risk - Risk associated with interruptions in the movement of products and information through the network. The major contributing factor is variances on the part of the suppliers. When suppliers falter on the delivery of products, the organization finds it tough to meet the bussiness goals. As such, a movement of goods from one company becomes the input for other. This is also called an input risk.

  • Demand Risk - So your organization is running their production plants at full capacity, what happens if there is a sudden decay indemand? Such a disturbance to the movement of product from the producer to the consumer is called demand risk. Failure to forecast demand and thereafter manage the extra inventory is the risk that can completely break the supply chain. They could be caused by a drop in order, loss of significant buyer clients, etc.

  • Process Risk - Any disruptions in business activities within the organization can be a risk. It has a direct impact on a company’s ability to manufacture and supply products.

  • Environmental Risk - Risks associated with external factors like natural calamities, war, terrorism, regulatory changes, etc., are known as environmental risks.

Our practical Supply Chain Risk Assessments focus on risk analysis, followed by risk control.


High Value Assets that an organization owns are more than just line items on their balance sheets.
These are the assets that impact operations and regulatory requirements. Such assets must be protected for an undisturbed growth of the organization and ensure smooth functioning all across.
Cybecs provides you with the requisite knowledge, skills, and experience to conduct thorough, high-value asset assessments.
As a first step, we perform a comprehensive Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (RVA).
It is an assessment involving the identification and study of threats and vulnerabilities in the system.
Any deviations and variances from ideal configurations are assessed for risks. Hence we offer services that are useful for different asset situations and develop an appropriate plan to mitigate such risks.
We conduct Penetration Testing to test security both internally and externally. Our tests try to mimic actual attacks and try to pass the security of the application.
Such tests help in checking the robustness of existing security measures against data breaches.
Network Mapping is needed where assets are connected to a network through their IP address. We prepare a map of the organization’s systems using visual representation that can be useful in identifying network issues that may pose risks to high value assets.
Vulnerability Scanning is carried out to identify IT vulnerabilities that hackers may exploit.
We provide executive summary and in-depth risk assessment reports. Another way our high value assessments work is through Phishing Assessments where we evaluate the levels of awareness about Phishing among your staff.
Our Phishing assessment reports include metrics used to arrive at the results and identify weaknesses in the email policy deployed within the organization. We also conduct on-ground wireless assessments of extreme importance as high-value assets are connected to networks for monitoring purposes.
Our wireless assessment reports provide detailed wireless vulnerability analysis with recommendations to overcome the same.
All the assessments are done to reduce and mitigate the losses that may occur during cyber attacks and we make recommendations for deploying robust protection against cybersecurity breaches.


Companies face a constant risk in terms of cybersecurity breaches. A recent report on cybersecurity breaches reveals that the cost of a single cyber breach for a publicly-traded company is approx. $116 million.
Cyber security assessment and management is a critical component of a company’s risk management strategy as well as data protection efforts. It helps an organization to understand (assess), control (manage), and avoid (mitigate) different forms of cyber risks. Such risks may include breaches of sensitive data, finances or impact online operations. The most common examples of cyber threats are – Data leaks, ransomware, phishing, malware, etc.
A typical cyber risk assessment involves the identification, estimation, and prioritization of risks. 

The reason to conduct such assessments could be one or more of the following

  • Avoid data breach - The best protection against cyber risk is to avoid it from taking place. A data breach could have an impact on a company’s finances and reputation in the market.

  • Regulatory compliance - Companies undertake a cyber risk assessment in order to ensure compliance with regulations like HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.

  • Reduction of loss - As companies identify the vulnerabilities in their cyber security, they can mitigate them. It helps in reducing the number of losses due to cyber security breaches.

  • Avoid downtimes - A business can only earn money when it is working. It has to be available to customers to do so.

Cybecs’ complete cyber security assessment and management enables companies and individuals with the following

  • Assessment - The nature and scale of cyber security vulnerabilities throughout the organization.

  • Identification - Identify the present vulnerability situation. These could be systems and processes or storage of information.

  • Evaluation - The impact a cyber-attack may have on your organization’s capabilities and how it could affect the company’s bottom line.

  • Planning - Plan for risk monitoring and plan to mitigate risks throughout the organization.

  • Compliance - We assist companies to achieve compliance with cyber security regulation.


Good corporate governance has compliance and integrity as its pillars. And the expectations from shareholders and stakeholders make compliance and integrity a constant uphill task for a corporate. Top management, especially the C-level executives, must build compliance and integrity whithin the company culture.


As non-conformity may lead to regulatory or reputation risks like

  • Fraud

  • Money Laundering

  • Antitrust

  • Bribery

Compliance and integrity assessments are needed to identify potential hazards and their probable outcomes.
These hazard checks include but are not limited to critical IT failures, data breaches, natural catastrophes, anti-bribery proceedings, flaws in reporting, etc. Such assessments for different risks are essential because business processes and the regulatory environment keep changing.

Our expert team can help you with the following steps during our compliance and integrity assessments

  • Monitor the Changes – Changes are constant in the business world. These include both regulatory changes and changes in business models.

  • Assess the impact of changes – Once we identify the change that has already taken place or in the process, we work together to assess its impact. The changes could require a modification in the operation process, location-related, or affect the bottom line.

  • Determine a plan of action – the way your company will address the risk is relevant to the effectiveness of the program. Proper due diligence is a must at this stage. As you overcome the company’s weakness, you also need to plan for the impact such a change would have on your day-to-day business.

Managing integrity and compliance risk for a multinational corporate becomes a more significant challenge as different geographies pose different expectations. Existing requirements may evolve along with new emerging requirements. A successful compliance and integrity assessment determines how and when the business objectives and processes will change and how quickly can the new emerging risks be identified, assessed, and addressed.
Our experts can help you with your internal compliance and integrity program improvements and ensure that such efforts are sustainable and can be monitored closely.


Mirroring companies’ atomized departments and diverging agendas, cyber-Security companies may have different divisions such as program development or technological solutions. Furthermore, technological developers often do not interact with customers. As a result, technological developers are inexperienced as to what are easy or difficult solutions to implement.
Cybecs’s unique approach combining risk-assessment and technological expertise engages with different levels of the company simultaneously to streamline client needs and offer end to end solutions. By organically engaging the CEO and technological department simultaneously, Cybecs offers unique solutions that is tailored and aligned with the organizational structure. At Cybecs, we have the benefit of applying expertise of designing strategies, creating programs, and implementing technology. These solutions are aligned with client requirements and made easy to implement.
Cybecs Risk Assessment provides the classes of vulnerabilities causing risk to the organization environment. This allows organizations to start addressing issues earlier in their enterprise lifecycle. Instead of fixing vulnerabilities one at a time, in response to threats or attacks, but addressing the root causes of issues, both saving time and reducing risk.


You're not alone if you're considering a cloud assessment. Companies worldwide employ cloud services, according to the current State of the Cloud Survey, and the number of firms utilizing various cloud solutions has grown in the last two years. As cloud computing becomes a competitive advantage for every firm, the rise is projected to continue. Migrating to the cloud needs discipline and careful preparation, and as a cloud computing specialists, we've met numerous executives who have questions and worries about cloud solutions for their businesses. The most important step is to assess the existing situation, as it will serve as the foundation for future queries and judgments.
The Cloud Environment assessment is a stage in which your organization looks at its resources and IT environment to see whether it can migrate to the cloud. It entails doing an assessment in order to facilitate the migration process and establishing a cloud environment that adheres to best practices.

After that, the rest of the cloud environment assessment may be broken down into a few basic steps


  • Determining the application scope that may be migrated.

  • Determine which applications, workloads, and data may be moved to the cloud.

  • Determine which Cloud Service is ideal for the workloads that will be moved to the cloud. For storage, databases, network capabilities, and more, Managed Services are a good option.

  • Recognize the interdependencies between your workloads, which will aid with the identification of migration waves later on.

  • Identify important stakeholders for each task so you can work together on a migration timeframe, success, and rollback criteria.

​What is cloud environment assessment?

The following are some of the advantages of doing a cloud migration assessment:


  • It includes a complete analysis of your current infrastructure as well as a comparison study with cloud platform best practices.

  • It provides a high-level financial analysis to determine the cloud's worth.

  • You'll get a rundown of the applications where the cloud is most useful.

  • It gives the tools and structure for developing perimeter migration theories.

  • During the study phase, it detects and corrects problems before they become actual.

  • It makes suggestions for standardizing and optimizing the use of your park.

​Why us

We have all of the essential abilities and experience at Cybecs, a Google Cloud Managed Services partner, to assist you with your cloud adoption project and cloud environment evaluation.


A 3PAO is a recognized organization that assists cloud service companies and federal agencies in complying with FedRAMP standards. Third Party Assessment Organization is the abbreviation for Third Party Assessment Organization.
A 3PAO assesses a cloud provider's processes to guarantee data security consistency and transparency between the government and cloud providers. When doing security assessments, FedRAMP templates are used by certified 3PAOs.

Do you really need a 3PAO?

The Cybecs security Solutions program relies heavily on third-party assessment organizations (3PAOs). 3PAOs are responsible for undertaking initial and frequent evaluations of service providers' solutions to verify they fulfil the Cybecs security Solutions criteria mandated by state and municipal governments. To earn a Cybecs security Solutions status, service providers collaborate with 3PAOs to complete a service providing evaluation at one of two Cybecs security Solutions baselines: Category 1 or Category 3*.
Cybecs security Solutions has adopted the same 3PAO accreditation requirements needed by FedRAMP and gathered all FedRAMP-approved 3PAOs into the Cybecs security Solutions program to guarantee service providers get independent, comprehensive, and consistent evaluations. FedRAMP has authorized approximately 40 certified 3PAOs so far.

Why us

Cybecs is a global certification, cyber security, and ongoing compliance services provider. Cybecs is dedicated to assist businesses in developing and implementing strategic information security and compliance plans that are simple, cost-effective, and comprehensive in both on-premises and cloud contexts. Cybecs provides certifications and a wide range of cyber security services to firms that must comply with ISO 27001, HIPAA, and FedRAMP.


Security surveys


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