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My Story

Nitzan is a cyber-security expert and offers allied consultancy services with vast background in the fields of software development, architecture, application security, risk management and logistics, cyber training, and lecturing. Nitzan’s broad expertise was acquired while performing a variety of positions in the software and high-tech industry in Israel. In recent years Nitzan held positions of Director of Information Technologies & Security, Development Management, training Cyber-Security professionals at universities and across the private and public sectors.

Nitzan leads Development, Security and Operations in several International Corporations combining software development, operations (networks, systems, and servers) and security. In this capacity, Nitzan teaches developers, operation teams and security professionals to work together according to company standards to embed security into their daily activities. This includes the secured development process while also considering whether the product developed is according to industry best practice and whether it is necessary to embed additional protection to mitigate risk and respond to operational disruptions. Nitzan considers the best approach to create a security operations center within a company is for it to be integrated with the company’s overarching strategy.

Nitzan lectures and offers training courses on information security, technological and secure development. At Bar Ilan University, Nitzan is Program Director for CISO and teaches application security and security software development (SDLC) at the Technion to managers and developers. Nitzan teaches Cyber security governance and risk management courses of CISM and CISSP. Nitzan also offers bespoke training courses for companies requesting secured software development skills for developers.

Nitzan developed his experience in Software Engineering; he is a certified systems analyst from the Chamber of Information Systems, Analysts in Israel. Nitzan also holds industry recognized certifications such as CISSP, CDPSE, CISO, CSA, CDPSE, CCSK, CCNA R&S Instructor, CCNA CyberOps Instructor, DevNet Associate Instructor and DPO. In the military, Nitzan was an instructor in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and still contributes to the IDF Cyber Unit – Homefront Command.


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