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Dear Colleagues, Customers, and Partners,

The need to secure private data and company assets has never been greater as rising threats are matched by the exponential growth of technological advancements and ever-evolving business structures. These are coupled with a dramatic increase in privacy and security regulations globally. Furthermore, the advancement in technology makes systems more interconnected offering new business opportunities. While in the past companies had separate systems for different jurisdictions, today transactions in Singapore can affect the company ecosystem in New York. A vulnerability in one place can affect the entire system globally.

This has led Cybecs to provide unique solutions in the world of information security that holistically enhances cyber protection and bolsters resilience. Cybecs offers end-to-end services that comprehensively responds to the organization's information security needs. This reinforces the functions of information security manager within the organization.

We believe that there is a critical importance to organizationally aligning security systems with business operations and risk management solutions while maintaining regulatory compliance to the ever-evolving threat landscape. This end-to-end service enables organizations to advance core strategies without compromising on strict information security requirements.

As opposed to a one-solution fits all, Cybecs advances a bespoke, holistic, and deeper approach that is uniquely tailored to specific company requirements. To this end, our experts consider the organization’s strategic objectives and operational requirements. This leads us at Cybecs to assess the current state of information security and risk management requirements within an organization and tailor bespoke solutions that bridge the gap between vulnerabilities and resilience.