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Cyber-Security companies rarely offer end-to end services as they often specialize in specific services that relate to their areas of expertise. As a result, people often approach different companies for specific services, for example, one company for CISO solutions and another company to conduct penetration tests. These companies often offer a deep dive on Secure Development, Security solutions, Data protection, penetration tests to provide technological solutions at a symptomatic level. In contrast, Cybecs offers a unique holistic approach at a causal level and provides end to end services in the fields of:

Cybecs adopts a holistic approach to address any compromises to security at a causal level as opposed to a symptomatic level. The organizational mapping Cybecs conducts includes:

Cybecs offers multiple levels to optimize organizational resilience offering simplified and innovative solutions for technical problems that will be easy to implement. Our services include:

Our Task is Anticipating Evolving Threats
Evolution of computer science entails new challenges and creates new concepts around the implementation and design of building blocks for systems which are the foundations for business processes and operations. This evolution offers numerous advantages and business opportunities. In turn, the ever-evolving threat landscape creates an ongoing cycle of vulnerabilities requiring solutions which in turn lead to a further set of security challenges. This cycle can turn into a destructive tornado with detrimental impact on the business.

Cybecs is immersed in the flow state of these ongoing cycles and taps into the essence of systems development and deployment in order to turn chaos into order. Cybecs offers enhanced protection for the organization and provides strategic thinking that anticipates the hacker’s use of unique technologies and creative methodologies. Cybecs provides additional layers of protection with its end-to-end services of innovative methodologies and cutting-edge technologies to anticipate and address threats. As a result, we transform opportunities into strengths.

Most attackers have a supply chain as the organization face hostile ecosystems, not just a single hacker and malware. Improving the organization overall state of security will increase the cost of attack, ruin ROI for determined and opportunistic attackers. This is achieved while benefiting from decreased mean time to remediation (MTTR).


Cybecs maintains a proactive approach of strategically anticipating threat-actors. This makes end-to-end services an essential component in establishing the dynamic flow of transforming vulnerabilities into strength, mitigating risk, and increasing resilience.

These end-to-end services provide unique strategies and technologies to prevent attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities by using ransomware, malware, and viruses from targeting your computer, server and ultimately your business.