We teach technology and empower IT industry workers and professionals to launch and advance their cybersecurity, operations, and technological careers by equipping them with advanced tools and techniques. Cybecs offers cyber-security professional operations, development, and technology courses that since 2016 have been held at the Technion, Bar Ilan University, IDC Herzliya and across the private sector.

Cybecs established a strategic partnership with CISCO in 2018 and conducts in partnership with CISCO various courses in: Cyber-Security, network communications, development, and other technological spheres (CCNA R&S, CCNP, CCNA Cyber-Ops, Linux, Python, C, C Sharp, C++, DevSecOps, IOT, etc.).

Cybecs’ professional courses in cyber-security risk management, technology and regulations offers students exposure to various industries’ policies and regulations along with official best practices. This enables us to offer real-life modern and practical examples to students. We keep an open line of communication with our students after they have graduated the course, who in turn, update us on various cyber problems that organizations across a broad spectrum of industries and sectors are facing. As a result, there is a natural crowdsourcing of cyber problems or solutions that are taking place. These modern and updated scenarios equip us with creative strategies and technological solutions that we can implement in companies. Our courses are unique in that they simultaneously address the expertise of deep-tech professionals specializing in both technology and regulations.