A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is a set of countermeasures devised by/for a company to safeguard human lives and ensure the fast recovery and continuation of its operations in the event of an accident or disaster (including unordinary incidents). To guarantee that a business's BCP is effective, it should be created and executed well in advance. Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a framework for maintaining and managing a business continuity plan.

More than merely avoiding disasters or catastrophes is part of business continuity planning. It is vital for a company to be proactive and establish an effective plan of countermeasures in the event that its primary management resources (people, facilities, data, outsourced services, and systems) are affected. The BCP planning comes into action at this point.

Key Takeaways
Business continuity planning (BCP) is the process through which a corporation develops a framework for preventing and recovering from hazards such as natural catastrophes or cyber-attacks.

The BCP is intended to safeguard workers and assets while also ensuring that they can function swiftly in the event of a crisis.

BCPs should be tested to guarantee that they are free of flaws that can be found and fixed.

What does BCP?
BCP entails identifying and defining any and all risks that might have an impact on the company's operations, making it a vital aspect of the risk management strategy. Natural catastrophes, such as fires, floods, or weather-related occurrences, as well as cyber-attacks, are potential threats. Once the risks have been identified, the strategy should contain the following:


  • determining how the risks will impact operations

  • putting in place safeguards and processes to manage the risks

  • Ensure that processes are working by testing them.

  • Reviewing the procedure to ensure that it is current.

Why Cybecs
Cybecs offers a comprehensive BCP initial installation solution that includes determining the scope of the BCP, analyzing the present environment, developing a BCP, and training/exercising the established BCP. We may provide operational review or creation of customized BCP for specific division/management area (e.g. IT systems/IT division) for organizations with current BCP (or other type of disaster response measures). We can tailor our ideas to match your unique requirements.