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Customized/personalized end-to-end services promoting innovative solutions to strategically enhance cybersecurity & promote resilience.
Rising threats have been matched by the exponential growth of technological advancements, ever-evolving business structures coupled with a dramatic increase in privacy and security regulations globally.

The need to secure private and company information has never been greater. Technology can address increasingly sophisticated commercial structures.

Operations become more complex due to ever-increasing networks that participate in the supply chain process, Increased data flows and sensitive operation and IT that monitors and facilitates the supply chain process.
The advancement in technology makes systems more interconnected. While in the past companies used separate systems for different jurisdictions, today transactions in Singapore can affect a system in New York.

A vulnerability in one place can affect the entire system globally. In order to provide enhanced security services, Cybecs adopts a learning mode to understand the structure of the business to determine: What are the most important assets to protect? What are the threats to the assets? What vulnerabilities do the assets have to be exploited? What is the likelihood that this gets exploited?


And are company security operations supporting its goals?


After combining these risk elements, Cybecs provides unique solutions that are tailored to high assets and low assets. Similarly, the end-to-end technologies we supply are aligned with the unique company structure.

Cybecs was initiated by the co-founders Nitzan Levy and Asaf Levy, both with a vast experience of over 25 years in IT management, Security management and Development.

As both being two/part of the leading experts in the IT and Security fields and with the expositional rising in security events, they understand the importance of providing End to End solution for organizations in the security services.
That was the time when Cybecs was born.

We in Cybecs holds all security services needed to your organization

Secure development, compliance and regulations, Security assessments, PT, Ciso as a service, Training, Security management services, SIEM/SOC, Academy and more.
All our services are given by our team built out of the best security and cyber professionals in Israel.

Cybecs is a world -class company, providing its services to all industry sectors. Between our accounts you will find the biggest companies in Israel and around the globe.


Meet The Team


Cybecs mission is to assure the security of the organization Information resources and provide a safe computing environment to the Company and its business arena.
This mission is achieved through utilization of policy and procedures, security training and awareness, and technical controls.
We assure the company that its environment is safe by implementing End to End solution customized to the specific needs of the organization.

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