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Cyber Security & Privacy Expertise for All

Let us worry about your security.

The need to secure private data and company assets has never been greater as rising threats are matched by the exponential growth of technological advancements and ever-evolving business structures. This has led us to provide unique solutions in the world of information security that holistically enhances cyber protection and bolsters resilience.


Cybecs offers end-to-end services that comprehensively responds to the organization’s information security and privacy needs. 


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CISO as a Service

professionals and skilled cybersecurity experts that specialize in the areas of cyber security and privacy.

Security Consolation Services

From the standpoint of an attacker, our experts will assess the security of desktop, mobile, and online applications.

Privacy Laws & Regulations

Cybecs uniquely converts regulatory requirements into practical action plans that enhances the compliance of an organization.

Security Surveys

A wide range of surveys to assess the level of information security in the organization by identifying gaps, weaknesses and risks.

Security Awareness Program

An outstanding team of lecturers who support security and privacy awareness activities and training for employees and management.

Application Security

A set of procedures, technologies, and practices aimed at safeguarding applications against risks across their entire lifespan.

Academy & Training

A wide selection of courses and technological training to develop skills for the growth of employees accompanied by our experts.

Network & Endpoint Security

Cybecs focuses on security concepts along with common and complex network structure, infrastructure, and application operations.

SIEM/SOC Services

Cybecs SOC helps SOC analysts focus on the actual risks to the organization and respond quickly to reduce the cost and damage caused by a cyber-attack.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing service helps test IT security breaches and identify weak links in the company’s overall cybersecurity situation.

Incident Response Services

Incident response expertise and domain knowledge in threat hunting, forensic investigation, malware analysis and reverse engineering, etc.

Cloud Security

Best practices involve the procedures and specialized technologies that secure cloud computing environments.

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